Living James 1:22

Our hearts are to share the love of Christ as in the days He was here, as if He were physically walking with us today. And He IS, but in the presence of the Holy Spirit in us. It’s the presence of His Spirit that will enable others to see Jesus in us through our actions and words. Notice the two go hand in hand: actions and words. James 1:22 tells us not just to be Hearers of the Word but to be Doers of the Word.

This is an example of every aspect of what Jesus did. He lived James 1:22. He brought life and brought it abundantly, for EVERYONE. He followed that by teaching His disciples to go and do the same, the very same way in which He spoke and shared with others. Our mission at Point of Truth is to share that God has an unlimited data plan for all ages, and He wants to connect with you today and every day!

So here it is, my invitation to you. I invite you to pursue The Kingdom of God with us by learning, sharing, and applying the very things that Christ asked His disciples to do, continuing right here in the heart of Robinson, Texas. My God is a BIG God and He works in BIG ways. He wants us to experience and encounter His Greatness every day. I’m sure you have heard this before and I’m here to tell you how true it is: God doesn’t just call the equipped, He equips those He calls.

Here at Point of Truth, our goal is to learn and understand who is Truth and how to live in Truth, allowing us to share the Truth. So please understand one thing…Jesus wasn’t sent to just die on the cross to get us into Heaven. Jesus was sent to die on the cross to get Heaven inside of us, NOW! Come experience, get connected, and encounter His presence.

In His Love,

David & Tonya Tenberg

Come as your are, Leave Changed!

Jesus never cared about what people wore, their social status, or their past. He cared only for their hearts. For. Your. Heart. We believe Jesus showed this simple message throughout His time on earth and after, "Come as you are, leave changed". 

It doesn't matter if you are a simple fisherman or a rich young ruler. He wants you to follow Him.