Ends Times
“Victorious Eschatology, Part 1” 3/18/23
Ever wonder about the end times? Does the end times worry you? Want a biblical, historical, AND optimistic understanding of the end times? If so, join us as Pastor Jason Carver teaches on VICTORIOUS ESCHATOLOGY.
Come learn and study the Bible verses that teach us about the end times. Don't just take your eschatology (view of end times) from "fictional" books & movies that just says people are getting left behind, but come see what the Bible teaches and learn how God and His church will victoriously advance until the very end!
We will look at the main passages we get our view of end times like the book of Daniel and the 7yrs of Tribulation and the passages from Matthew when Jesus told us what the signs of the end of the age will be, and we will also address that pesky antichrist!
Hope you join us.